Human Resources
As the multifunctional, technology-intensive construction corporation, China Railway First Group Co., Ltd., (CRFG) enjoys advanced human resources management concept, complete human resources management system and advanced management level. We have qualified and professional personnel from the entire construction field.

Up till the end of 2010, CRFG has staff strength of 27,708. During the time from 2006 to 2010, human resources of CRFG have the following features:

1. The human resources are in accordance with the actual need for construction. We have management staff and professional staff of 15337, 12883 staff of other positions, which takes up 54% and 46% of the total staff number. With the ratio of 1:0.84, the expertise team structure is improving.

2. The integrity of human resources has constantly been enhanced and talent quality has improved a lot, with 136 graduate students, 5876 undergraduate student, 7441 vocational school graduates. The number of vocational school takes up 47.7%, which increased by 21.3% compared with that in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, with an increase of 5684 absolute number.

3. Various experts and top-notch professionals have worked together, achieving great success in R&D 2011, and CRFG has identified as the 18th batch enterprises to enjoy national preferential policy.

4.We have a large group of various management and technical talents.We have 12306 professional titles(80.2%), 9660 engineering staff(78.5%)(40 senior technicians,associate technical 465,2546intermediate,475 assistant level, 1854 technicians), 345 political works and 32 other workers(0.2%).

5. there have been a constant increase in the number of people who get the various Qualification Certificate, 592 level-one constructors, 139 level-two constructors, 187 other certificate holders, including 91 certificated safety engineers, 6 certificated accountant, 1 certificated structural engineers, 1 certificated civil structural engineer( ground); 1 certificated civil structural engineers (hydro), 7 Certified Cost Engineers; we have 2 Certified control Engineers, 2 certified electric Engineers, 43 legal advisers, 22 logistic managers and 10 certificated buyers.

Finally, the young tendency and the sex ratio of staffs becomes increasingly evident and gradually coordination. The average age of employees is only 36.5 years, the thinking of Construction of promote younger staff have been effectively implemented; at the same time, Female workers accounted for 17.8% of the total number of employees, the number reached 5010; the ratio of men to women is becoming more reasonable.

During "the eleventh Five-year Plan”, the achievements were obtained by the human resource management provided strong support for the sustainable development of the group.

During “the twelfth Five-Year Plan" period (2011 - 2015), combined with CRFG's strategic goals of development of this period, the group puts "Talent thriving the enterprise" in the Primary position.

The guiding ideology of CRFG's Human Resources Development from 2011 to 2015 is “To control the scale rationally, to optimize team structure, to develop the mechanism innovatively, to stimulate the talent potential." The contents are: in accordance with the strategic requirements of create first-class construction general contract enterprise and the structural layout of the Group, to control and adjust  the number of personnel of all categories reasonable, to optimize segment structures of their age, knowledge, professional and business, to deploy the resource reasonable for satisfy the requirement of strategy. Through the innovative training, evaluation, promotion and career planning and salary system, to stimulate effectively the potential of all types of employees and improve comprehensively the quality of staff, responding to the challenge of human resource management brought by the uncertain of external conditions.

The general objectives of qualified personnel is :Focus on the construction of "six teams of qualified personnel"(the team of Enterprise leaders, team of Professional project managers, Marketing team, team of professional technical personnel, Operating personnel and team of the operational level  and of the political work ),more uses the measures of market-oriented, to strengthen the Introduction, training and using  of professionals of the high - end and overseas , the new business segment, and to strength the training and using of the core management personnel and team leaders, treats mechanism innovation as an important means,  fully enhances the competitive advantage and atmosphere of the growth of talent.

Through five years of efforts, the group will provide a team of Human Resources with reasonable number, structural optimization, excellent quality and capacity strongly, and provides a solid human capital security for the sustainable development of enterprises.

To promote the Corporation of smooth realization the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, the group will treat the talent development strategy and goals of “the twelfth Five-Year Plan" as the guide, further improve the system of Human resource allocation, expand the channel of staff career, optimize the system of staff training and growth, Reform the ways and means of talent incentive, strengthen the role of all levels organizational leadership.

Through the concept innovation, mechanism innovation, system innovation, CRFG forms a good atmosphere of respect for knowledge, talent, and human nature in the company-wide, stimulates the subjective initiative of the employees, makes all kinds of talents and creativity to get maximum release, provides a strong human resources and support to achieve the strategic objectives of all group.