CRFG possesses the super-grade qualification of general contracting for railway and highway engineering, first grade qualification of general contracting for municipal engineering and house building engineering, first grade qualification of professional contracting for railway track laying engineering, highway pavement engineering, tunnel engineering and hydraulic tunnel engineering, qualification of professional contracting for urban rail transit engineering.up to the end of 2010, the Group owns 4700 large equipments total 3.5 billion RMB, with a  gross power of 0.48 million kilowatt.

Up to know, the Group has 26 shield machines from the brands Herrenknecht、Wirth、Komatsu ;it also has 13 set 900 t gate crane、girder carrier、launching gantry;as also as the BC36 double round slotter(bauer,with a maximum depth of 80m,milling width of 640-1800mm)used for the diaphragm wall,KR80412-3 pipe-shed driller(klemm,with the borehole diameter of 89-250mm,drilling depth of 30m) used for the weak geology,rotary drilling rig BG22(bauer,borehole diameter of 2.0m,depth 46.65m)used for basic construction、BG25(bauer,borehole diameter of 2.5m, depth 61.37m)、ED600T shovel loader(from  Norway,3.4m)、ITC312H3 digging loader(shaft,250m3/hour)、asphalt paver(TITAN423,DF145CS,12m)、computer-controlled jumbo(Norway AMV21SGBC-CR)、three boom drift jumbo(Sweden atlasB353E)、TCM60 tracklayer(Switzerland MATISA).

Besides,the Group also owns HZS90、 120、 150 typeconcrete mixing plant,37M 、42M 、45M 、47M concrete pump, launching gantry、tracklayer、portable resistance welder、dynamic track stabilizer、track lifting&lining tamping machine、constant-tension wire barrow、installation vehicle for contact wire.

With those equipment,the Group has built Daqin Railway,Laneu Railway, Baocheng Railway, Neikun Railway, Qinghai-Tibet Railway etc.the tunnel project:Qinlin Line II tunnel of Xikang Railway-(total length 18.45KM)、China’s second big two-line railway Chang Liangshan tunnel(total length 12.78KM)、China’s third big two-line railway East Qinling Tunnel(total length 12.268KM)、Asia first long mountain tunnel Wushaoling Extra-long Tunnel of Lanxin Double Track line-(total length 20.05KM)、Asia’s first undersea tunnel Xiamen xiangan undersea tunnel(total length 2.81KM)。 The Group has built 932.33 kilometers of highway, railway tunnel.

On brige engineering field, the Group has built 400 various kinds of railways, bridges, covering the distance of more than 1049 has built Wuhu Viaduct across Yantze River which won the Luban Medal of China State Construction Engineering and leg-stayed rigid frame bridge across Hanjiang river which won National Supreme Quality Project Prize.

On track laying, the Group has a professional track laying team and owns 483 sets of various advanced tracklaying and maintenance equipment, gross power totaling 64441 kilowatt. The Group has taken part in Communication and Signaling Works of Qinshen Passenger Special Railway, Qinghai-tibet railway, Beijing-shanghai fast train, etc, with the total tracklaying of 20000 miles, which accounts for one sixth of the total length of the railway under operation in China.

With the advanced technology, modern equipment and highly mechanized operations, CRFG has built dozens of projects in more than ten countries, including Zambia railway project, Tanzanian railway, Mongolia road project, Saudi railway maintenance project, morocco hydro tunnel project, construction of bridge in Pakistan, India Delhi railway, Fiji highway project, Hongkong high-speed railway 830 project, etc.

At the moment, CRFG is adopting the global strategy and is constantly increasing the input of equipment and other resources to the overseas market.