Railway Works

It is major part of CRFG’s business. For the past 60 years, till 2009, more than 100 railway lines had been built by us with total length 20161km, almost 1/6 of total length of existing rail line in China. The most famous line which we involved is being awarded with Classic Civil works within 100 years by state council in name: Datong----Qinhuangdao Rail line, Tibet Rail line, Wu Shaoling Tunnel. We also participate in the new around High-Speed Railway works in China, more than 10 High-Speed Rail works by name: ZhengzhouXian Passenger Dedicate Line ( PDL); WuhanHuadu(Guangzhou)PDL; BeijingShijiazhuang PDL; BeijingShanghai PDL; HaerbinDalian PDL; ShanghaiHangzhou PDL; ShanghaiNanjing PDL; ShanghaiKunming PDL; GuanzhouShenzhenHongKong PDL; GuangzhouZhuhai PDL.