The vice-president of CRFG visits the Chinese ambassador in Fiji

CREATEDATE:2018年04月16日    AUTHOR:Wang Gang, Duan Pin  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

The vice president of CRFG, Mr. Guo Wei, visited Mr. Qian Bo, the ambassador of Chinese embassy in Fiji on Mar.31st, communicating the business development of CRFG in Fiji. Qiao Young, the CEO of CRFG overseas division and the leadership team of CRFG (Fiji) are accompanying visit.

Guo Wei reported the current business of CRFG(Fiji) and emphatically introduced the development plan of CRFG in Fiji.

The ambassador, Qian Bo, warmly welcomes the CRFG’s visiting. He introduced the current political and economy situation of Fiji, diplomacy and business relationship between China and Fiji, current engineering market and its development prospects in Fiji. Qian Bo emphasized priorities of CRFG’s next step work in Fiji: uphold and improve the Party leadership, strengthen safety production and reinforcing the chamber of commerce’s function. The CRFG should play a role of the chairman of the Fiji chamber of commerce and contribute to the business development between China and Fiji.

CRFG Team vists Chinese Embassay in Fiji


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