Shield Launching of CRFG’s Singapore Metro T302 Phase

CREATEDATE:2018年05月10日    AUTHOR:Tang Jiajia, Tang Jianxin, Guo Rong  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

The ceremony of TBM-1 shield launching of CRFG’s Singapore Metro Phase T302 was held in the Binhai Bay on May 8th.

There are distinguished guests attending the ceremony: Huang Qinan, the director of Singapore LTA, Ow Chun Nam, the director of east coast tunnel project, Indran, the director of civil engineering work Phase 5, Lu heyou, the vice-president of CRFG, Wang Jiangka, the general manager of CRFG Urban Rail Transit Engineering Co,Ltd, Jiao Xiaokang, the general manager of CRFG Singapore Co.,Ltd etc.

Lu heyou spoke on behalf of CRFG that CRFG will full develop the professional advantages on construction, equipment, technology and management to contribute the construction of Singapore metro engineering.

Huang Qinan said TBM-1 shield launching is the key milestone of Phase T302. There are more challenges on safety, technology, quality and so on in near future, all the effort will be made to ensure the perfect end of project.

Singapore metro Phase T302 is the first project of CRFG as EPC contractor in overseas advanced market. CRFG Urban Rail Transit Engineering Co,Ltd undertakes the construction work. The contract value of the project is RMB1.186billion and the construction period is 6.8 years.

Lu Heyou Spoke on behalf CRFG

Huang Qinan Spoke on behalf on Singapore LTA

Shield Launching

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