The vice-president, Chief engineer of CREC, Liu Hui, investigated pneumatic light rail technology in Brazil

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On May 20th in Brazil, the vice-president, chief engineer of CREC, Liu Hui inspected pneumatic light rail airport line in Brazil. Pneumatic light rail as the new automatic passenger railway system is the main science and technology development plan.The CRFG reported the promotion of pneumatic light rail and cooperation model with the Brazil pneumatic light rail design company to the CREC delegation on the technical seminar.

Liu Hui remarked the cooperation between the pneumatic light rail company and CREC is very sincerely. The CREC has full confidence about technology import. Also, the CREC authorized the CRFG in Brazil market cooperates with the local company achieving commercial promotion in China.

Also, Liu Hui visited Li Jinzhang, the Chinese ambassador in the capital city of Brazil, Brasilia on May 21th.

Liu Hui introduced the potential market of pneumatic light rail in China and expressed appreciate the attention from the ambassador on CREC’s project.

Li Jinzhang expressed pneumatic light rail is environmental, low emission and low cost which has bright future in Chinese market. He looked forward to more achievement of CREC in Brazil market.

Visited the Brazil pneumatic light rail design company

Site Investigation

technical exchange

Visiting Chinese Embassay in Brazil


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