The opening ceremony of CRFG’s Espino Road Project is held in the Bolivia

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The opening ceremony of CRFG’s Espino Road Project (Section 1) was held in the Bolivia on July.3rd. The project constructed formally.

There are over hundreds of guests attending the ceremony including the regional manager of Bolivia National Road Authority, the mayor of Charagua city which the project is in, the chief of North tribe, the employer of Road Authority, the representative of supervision and our engineers from the project. The main local media reported the ceremony.

The length of Espino Road is 159km, two-way-two-lanes; the width of road is 7m. The contract is signed on Sep.9th. 2015. The CRFG (North American) undertakes the construction of phase 1 which is 58.5 km including earth excavation 2161 thousands m3, earth fill 1567 thousands m3, Subbase filling 104 thousands m3, base filling 171 thousands m3, ten bridges and 94 culverts.

The regional manager of Bolivia National Road Authority expresses that Espino Road is the important national high way connecting the north part of Bolivia and the strong economic province Santa Cruz Province. The project will create conditions to the industrial and agricultural development of Bolivia.

The opening ceremony


surface cleaning






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