The engineers of SNEF visited the CRFG’s Guang Zhou metro electromechanical project

CREATEDATE:2018年08月01日    AUTHOR:Fan Jun  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

The engineers of SNEF arrived on Guang Zhou Metro electromechanical project on July 23rd for one week site visit, which is undertaken by CRFG Jianan Co., Ltd.

The SNEF engineers inspected the installation of conventional electromechanical equipment, screen door installation and debugging etc. accompanied by the engineers of CRFG overseas departments and the management team of Guang Zhou metro electromechanical project.

The engineers of metro electromechanical project introduced the system of n-station integrated monitoring, the screen-door control and communication signal; explained the use of energy saving and environmental protection materials and new technologies applied for the project; answered technical questions put forward by the SNEF.

The SNEF engineers impressed the construction standards of CRFG Jianan’s electromechanical installation. Through the inspection, the brand image of CRFG and competitive technology advantages are further rooted in the Brazil market.

Visiting control room

Answer questions from the SNEF

The technician explained the installation engineering

Inspecting screen door control system










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