The commencement of Colombia road project

CREATEDATE:2018年08月02日    AUTHOR:Liu Guobao  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

The opening ceremony of CRFG’s Colombia road project is held in the morning of July 31st.

The officers from Colombia Infrastructure Bureau, the director of Project Company, the representatives of EPC joint venture and the management team of CRFG (South America) attended the ceremony.

The total length of construction section undertaken by CRFG is 110.10 km, and the contact value is US$245million.

The first engineers and technicians from CRFG arrived on the site before one month. They overcame all obstacles such as human resources shortage, lack of local machineries rental and strict requirements on environment protection and so on to achieve the commencement of the project on time.

The group photo of guests attending the opening ceremony




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