The chef accountant of CRFG,Yang Yunlin, inspected the CRFG (HK)

CREATEDATE:2018年08月09日    AUTHOR:Zhu Bibo Wu Dingyuan  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

The chef accountant of CRFG, Yang Yulin, inspected the CRFG (HK) and sympathized with the site staff on August 8th accompanied by the head of CRFG legal and compliance department, Sun Gaofeng and the deputy managers of CRFG overseas department.

On the project conversation meeting, Yang Yulin gave affirmation to the performance of CRFG (HK) after hearing the business and management report. Yang Yulin addressed that compliance management is the priority; all business actives must be compliant; support the overseas business of CRFG through achieving the sustainable development in HK market; strengthen the project management to increase the profitability; build and improve the complete internal control system; create good working and living conditions for staff and help staff achieve personal growth.

Yang Yulin gave away the compliance souvenirs to all staff and encouraged everyone to be the practitioner of compliance management.

Conversation Meeting

Yang Yulin put forward to requirments

Give away compliance souvenirs

Sympathize with site staff

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