CRFG won a bid of Bangladesh international airport project

CREATEDATE:2018年08月15日    AUTHOR:Feng Haitao, Ding Wenhua  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

CRFG won a bid of Bangladesh international airport and signed the business contract on Aug 13th.

CRFG (Bangladesh) received the acceptance letter of Bangladesh international airport project from civil aviation authority on July 15th for constructing the terminal building of the third largest international airport.

The contract amount is 2.75 billion BDT (around US$ 34.08 million), and the contract period is 18 months. The primarily engineering is a two levels terminal building with gross building area 130000 , which is the steel structure, including parking apron, internal road, boarding bridge, baggage transfer facilities, lift, ladder, central air-conditioning, fire-extinguishing system, communication and safety equipment installation.

This is the fourth project conducted by the CRFG in Bangladesh. At present, the CRFG has covered the railway, water, road, bridge and airport of Bangladesh infrastructure market achieving sustainable development successfully.

Sign the business contract

Shake hands with the head of civil aviation authority











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