The president of CREC, Zhang Zongyan, investigated in the Brazil market

CREATEDATE:2018年08月21日    AUTHOR:Ren Xiaofeng  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

The president of CREC, Zhang Zongyan, investigated the FIOL section of Brail railway connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific, Salvador Bridge and pneumatic train technology in the Brazil market between Aug 12th and 14th.

The members of CREC delegation are the vice-president of CREC, Ren Hongpeng, the general manager of CREC international department, Lu Bo, the deputy manager and chief engineer of CRFG, An Guoyoung, the general manager of CRFG overseas department, Qiao Young, and the relevant leaders of China Railway Eryuan Group, China Railway Fourth Group and China Railway Tenth Group.

During the investigation, Zhang Zongyan visited the Brazil president, Mr. Michel Temer, and the Chinese ambassador in the Brazil, Mr. Li Jinzhang communicating the Brail railway project connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Ren Hongpeng investigated FIOL railway site. After investigation, the delegation of CREC had a meeting with ERG Company about FIOL railway project; visited the governor of Bahia exchanging opinions about the infrastructure construction of the Bahia, and communicated with the representative officer of China Development Bank in the Rio.

On the 14th of afternoon, CREC hold the internal meeting. Ren Hongpeng summarized the investigation, and divided the work among all CREC branches and put forward to requirements about the next work.

Group Photo with the Brazil President, Mr.Michel Temer

Group Photo with the Chinese ambassador in the Brazil, Li Jinzhang

Meeting with the China Development Bank

Metting with the ERG company

Site Investigation




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