The vice-president of CRFG, An Guoyoung inspected the CRFG (Brazil)

CREATEDATE:2018年08月21日    AUTHOR:Ren Xiaofeng  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

The vice-president of CRFG, chef engineer, An Guoyoung and the general manager of overseas department, Qiao Young, inspected the CRFG (Brazil) and chaired a discussion meeting.

The regional manager of CRFG(Caribbean)and the staff of CRFG (Brazil) attended the meeting .

Qiao Young introduced the investigation of CREC in the Brazil and put forward the requirements to fulfill the tasks assigned by the CREC:

Keep promoting the Pneumatic train project and cooperate with the CREC actively; Focus on the following action after the MOU signed between CREC and Bahia, participated the Bahia MTR extension line project with initiative; keep following the tracked project, strengthen the communication with principal responsible company.

Qiao Young emphasized on strengthening effort on development of Caribbean market; improving the cooperation with local companies; solving the problems of standard, language and legal localization; paying more attention to investment projects; and fully conducting the Guiana concessional loan project.

The regional manager made a report about marketing development, project management and company building of CRFG(Caribbean).

An Guoyoung summarized through the investigation, it is proved that the technical performance-price ratio of pneumatic train is cost-effective and the good thought to promote the pneumatic train in the overseas market. The overseas division should prepare for promoting the pneumatic train with the sustained development, and the Brazil transit market would also be our key market.

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