The leaders of CREC visited the Philippine ministerial delegation

CREATEDATE:2018年08月27日    AUTHOR:Ding Ding; Pang Youngchao  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

The vice-president of CREC, Ren Hongpeng, visited the Philippine ministerial delegation on Aug 22nd in Beijing.

The general manager of CREC international department, Lu Bo, the deputy manager of CRFG, Guo Wei, the general manager of CRFG overseas department, Qiao Young and the party committee secretary of CRFG overseas department, Tang Dexian, attended the conversation meeting.

Ren Hongpeng introduced the basic information of CREC to the delegation. He said the CREC participated in the infrastructure construction of Philippine actively since the relationship between two countries warming up. The CREC put a large effort on the south railway project assisting the Philippine government and employer. The project plan is also highly recognized by the relevant department.

The head of delegation, Arthur Tugade, welcomed the visiting of CREC. He appreciated the work done by the CREC in the Philippine and said since the president of Philippine, Rodrigo Duterte, visited China in 2017, there were many ministers visiting the CREC, and they all knew the CREC very well. The CREC is the excellent team and put forward to many constructive suggestions about the infrastructure construction of the Philippine. The government of Philippe will keep the close communication with the CREC and look forward to the implementation of CREC.

The CRFG is authorized by the CREC registering the branch company and dealing with the work.

Conversation Meeting

the CREC delegation





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