Expanding overseas market and promoting sustainable development- Li Changjin investigated Singapore market

CREATEDATE:2018年09月23日    AUTHOR:Guo Rong, Tang Jianxin  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

The Party committee secretary of CREC, Li Changjin, and the executive director of CREC, Zhang Xian investigated Singapore market. In the meeting of all CREC branches in Singapore, the CRFG and the CRTG made the report about marketing development and project undertaken. Li Changjin emphasized that all companies in Singapore should strengthen effort on innovating project management and operation system promoting the sustainable development of CREC in the overseas market.

Li Changjin put forward three points about CREC overseas marketing: thanks for the great contribution of all overseas staff of CREC; speeding up the overseas development under the favorable national policy; insisting on regional management and activating the overseas market management system.

Zhang Xian required all companies implemented the spirit of conference and innovated the overseas working and management system for achieving the healthy and sustainable development.

The general manager of CRFG urban rail transit engineering company, the deputy manager of CRFG overseas department and the leaders of CRTG attended the internal conference.

The meeting of all CREC branches in Singapore

Li Changjin made a speech 

Zhang Xian spoke

The general manager of CRFG urban rail transit engineering company attended the internal conference

The deputy manager of CRFG overseas department attended the internal conference




























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