The leaders of CREC International Department visited the CRFG (Cameroon)

CREATEDATE:2018年09月25日    AUTHOR:Zhen Tao  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

The deputy general manager of CREC International Department, Mr. Wu Jibang, and the principal of Mid-East Africa visited the CRFG (Cameroon) and investigated the business development of CREC in Cameroon.

The director of CRFG Cameroon office, the general manager of China Railway No.5 overseas branch and the overseas department head of China Railway No.7 attended the conversation meeting.

The director of CRFG Cameroon office reported the business development and plan of CRFG (Cameroon). Wu Jibang approved the CRFG’s overseas performance, and conveyed the spirit of CREC symposium about attending the China-Africa Forum Beijing Summit.

All attendees discuss and exchange the views about overseas market development, project financing model and Declaration of International Productivity Cooperation.

conversation meeting



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