The successful completion of Suai high way project in the East-Timor

CREATEDATE:2018年10月10日    AUTHOR:Hao Shuzhan Zhao Lei  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

Through three years of hard work by the COVEC-CRFG Joint Venture, the Suai high way project is completed successfully on Oct 7th 2018 which is the first high way of the East-Timor Lester. The length of high way is 30.355km, two way four lanes and the speed is about 80-100 km per hour. The contract amount is US $298 million and the commencement date is Jan 20th, 2016.

During the construction process, the joint venture overcame the series of obstacles such as the tight construction period, machineries and equipment shortage, new technical standard and government transition achieving the competition successfully before 17 days of contract duration.

The project has the significant social influence in the East-Timor and is concerned by the social circles, which is the first big project in the country since the “the Belt and Road” is put forward. The government delegation of East Timor and other south pacific countries, the Chinese embassy and the leaders of CREC, COVEC and CRFG visited and inspected the project many time during the construction.

Completed Suai high way

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