The vice-president of CRFG, Mr. Guo Wei inspect the gas pipeline – D line B Section Project

CREATEDATE:2018年10月15日    AUTHOR:Wu Yang  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

The vice-president of CRFG, Mr. Guo Wei, inspected the gas pipeline – D line B Section project on Oct 11st. The leader of project preparatory group made the report.

Guo Wei made the follow requirements:

1, following the law and regulation of Tadzhikistan strictly and respecting the local social customs

2, making the further and careful investigation for the business operation smoothly

3, affording social responsibility actively as the national enterprise contributing the local development

The length of gas pipeline – D line is 391km in Tadzhikistan which has the significant meaning for the social and economy development and the sustainable develop of CRFG in the Middle-Asia infrastructure market.

The investgiation of gas pipeline project

Group photo in site

hydropower station project investigation











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