The president of Cambodia Globalcam Project Development Ltd visited the CRFG

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The president of Cambodia Globalcam Project Development Ltd, Mr. Thlang Vuthy  visited the CRFG on Oct 18th.

The general manager of CRFG Overseas Business Department, Mr. Qiao Young, the deputy manager of Overseas Business Department and the principal of South-East Asia, Mr. Jiao Xiaokang, the deputy manager of CRFG third branch, Mr. Wang Youtao, the principal of Thailand office and other relevant department heads of Overseas Business Department attended the communication meeting with the finance department head of Cambodia Globalcam Project Development Ltd, Mr. Meas Heng Meng, the project manager, Mr. Hort Ya and the project consultant, Mrs. Matthana Moonjan.

Qiao Young welcomed the guests’ visiting and introduced the overseas business of CRFG. He emphasized the CRFG had strength on the integration ability of design and construction in infrastructure construction area such as railway, road and bridge. He looked forward to building the cooperation platform through the communication.

Thlang Vuthy was impressed by the strong ability of CRFG in construction area. He expressed the economy of Cambodia kept the high speed development in recent 20 years. The Globalcam Project Development Ltd looked forward to further cooperation with the CRFG supporting the development of the country.


Qiao Young deliveried the speech


Thlang Vuthy addressed

Visiting the honor room

Group Photo with the delegation


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