The Philippine Davao cooperation agreement of cloud orbit project is signed between the CRFG and BYD

CREATEDATE:2018年10月30日    AUTHOR:Lei Peijun Zhang Jianlong  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

The general manager of CRFG overseas department, Mr. Qiao Young visited the BYD headquarter and communicated with the general manager of BYD Asia-Pacific business department, Mr. Liu Xueliang. The Philippine Davao cooperation agreement of cloud orbit project is signed between two companies.

The delegation of CRFG visited the BYD communication signals research institute, the exhibition of BYD and tried the cloud orbit.

Qiao Young appreciated the warm reception of BYD and introduced the history, business performance and the overseas business of CRFG. The delegation impressed the history, technology, talent team of BYD and the craftsmanship focusing on industrial development and technology innovation. The CRFG looked forward to forming the excellent cooperation model with the BYD in the overseas market achieving resource sharing, complementary advantages and mutual benefits.

Liu Xueliang welcomed the CRFG’s visiting. The technology innovation is an inexhaustible motive force, the BYD sticks to the development philosophy that the technology is the first; the innovation is the foundation since founded in 1995. The BYD has been the high-tech enterprise covering IT, vehicle, new energy and rail transit industries. The BYD put huge effort on researching and promoting in rail and transit area for supplying the integrated transportation solution with the intelligence, ecology, green and environmental protection.

The both sides agreed to develop the long term cooperation relationship and standardize through the cloud orbit project in the Philippine market. The relevant principals from sales department of Asia-Pacific region, rail institution and financing department of BYD and the members from CRFG overseas business department and CRFG Xia Men branch attended the discussion.

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