CRFG “Overseas Settlement Project” Officially Initiated

CREATEDATE:2017年06月21日    AUTHOR:Correspondents: Li Tianbao & He Gang  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

  On April 24, 2017, the Administrative Measures on “Overseas Settlement Project” for the Overseas Staff was jointly issued by Party Branch, Government Office, Labor Union and Youth League Branch of Overseas Business Division of China Railway First Group (CRFG), marking the official initiation of the “Overseas Settlement Project”.

  The Measures aims to provide policy support, encourage their families to stay overseas with the staff, and help the overseas staff integrate into corresponding countries, build an international talent team overseas, and forge a solid talent pool for CRFG Overseas Business Division to achieve leap-forward development.

  With overseas business constantly expanding, CRFG has seen projects launched in its vigorously built “7+1” business reach, namely, South Pacific, South America, South Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean region, Africa and Pakistan; achieved continuous rolling operation particularly in Fiji-centered South Pacific, Malaysia and Singapore-centered Southeast Asia, as well as Pakistan.

  The Measures can create for the overseas staff a win-win situation of husband-wife union and mutual care and balance between work and family; provide their children with an opportunity to study foreign languages overseas and broaden horizons so as to effectively mobilize their production and working motivation and creativity and engage them into their work overseas.

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