300 Kilometers-Urban Rail Transit Engineering Co., Ltd. Makes a New Breakthrough in Shield Excavation.

CREATEDATE:2017年06月21日    AUTHOR:CRFG  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

  At 00:16 on June 13, the assembly of Segment 330 of the right line of Shandun’ao-Jinghai Section 05 of Wuxi Metro Line 3 was completed, which marked a 300-kilometer new milestone made by Urban Rail Transit Engineering Co., Ltd. (URTE) of CRFG in its shield excavation mileage.URTE ranks among top domestic professional urban rail companies in terms of the shield excavation mileage.

  URTE is a technology-intensive, equipment-intensive and management-intensive national high-tech enterprise, which focuses on underground construction business featuring shield projects. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the philosophy of “Quality First, Respecting Nature and Loving People” and dedicated to building a “URTE shield” brand. It has altogether participated in the construction of 90 odd metro stations and 230 shield sections, setting multiple records in domestic shield excavation.

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