The III phase of BA river dredging engineering successfully completed by Fiji Company of CRFG

CREATEDATE:2014年05月07日    AUTHOR:Correspondent: Mr. Yang Yawei  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

On April 7th2014, the III phase of BA River dredging engineering successfully completed by Fiji Company of CRFG, 38 days ahead of contract schedule.


During BA River dredging construction, project department people of BA River dredging engineering overcame lots of construction difficulties caused by rapid rise, muddy rivers and fast flow. They took lots of measurements to ensure the earth without loss and protect surrounding natural environment with a serious and responsible work attitude, and at last the project completed ahead of schedule. So when Fiji agriculture Ministry officials accepted interview of "Fiji times", "the Fiji sun" and other media interviews, they all highly commended CRFG and said CRFG had a good brand image with fast speed, new technology and good quality in Fiji construction market.


   This project was the sixth dredging engineering held by Fiji company. It was 320000 cubic meters design volume, 2.8 kilometers dredging mileage, fine sand soil. The contract period was 120 days.



Dredging engineering


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