Guyana ambassador to China visit CRFG

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On April 9th2014, Guyana Ambassador to China Mr. Dabydeen David visited CRFG Company. The general manager of CRFG Mr. Ma Haimin attended the meeting, the deputy general manager Mr. Guo Wei presided over the meeting. The two parties had a discussion about investment problem of Guyana AMAILA hydropower project. The Deputy General Manager of overseas department of CRFG Mr. Liu Zhanhong, general manager of Guyana project Mr. Zhang Jian attended the meeting.


First Mr. Ma Haimin welcomed the ambassador's visit on behalf of group companies, and then briefly introduced basic situation of CRFG and overseas business situation, focusing on Guyana market operation. At last he said, sincerely hope that Guyana government could further promote AMAILA hydropower project in 2014 and make the project on track earlier. As a large state-owned enterprise, CRFG was glad to cooperate with Guyana government and relevant departments, and developed jointly Guyana construction market, and provided more help for Guyana social development.


Mr. Guo Wei described views and comments about AMAILA hydropower BOT project of CRFG ,and exchanged views about project financing, construction and operation management with Mr. Dabydeen David.


Mr. Dabydeen David said, AMAILA hydropower station was Guyana people’s dream in several decades, so Guyana government would fully support CRFG about investment and finance. He hoped the project could start as soon as possible, and create a broader space for CRFG in Guyana business.



Mr. Ma Haimin and Dabydeen David heartily shook hands


Giving present


Mr. Dabydeen David gave a speech


Mr. Ma Haimin gave a speech


Mr. Guo Wei gave a speech

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