CRFG & China Overseas JV Won Suai - Beaco Highway Road Project in East Timor

CREATEDATE:2015年05月12日    AUTHOR:  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

Exhilarating news travelled across the oceans from East Timor in southeastAsia that CRFG & China Overseas JV won the tender for Package 1 of Suai –Beco Highway Road Project in East Timor.


Located at the coastal areas in Southern East Timor, the project isdivided into 4 projects with its total construction length of 155.679km, amongwhich, 30.355km is to be constructed by CRFG & China Overseas JV. Staring fromSuai and ending at Zumalai, Package 1 includes the construction of foundationworks, pavement works, bridges, culverts, road markings and landscaping works,etc., and is scheduled to be completed and commissioned within 2 years. The projectwill definitely enhance the traffic safety, and promote the economicdevelopment for the surrounding areas in southern East Timor.


Asone of the booming markets of infrastructural constructions in Southeast Asia,East Timor is endowed with great potentials for development. Package 1 of Suai– Beco Highway Road Project is the first project CRFG has ever been engaged inEast Timo, and it is also going to lay a solid foundation for CRFG’s futuredevelopment in Southeast Asia.
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