Overseas business department of CRFG will develop Bangladesh market

CREATEDATE:2014年03月25日    AUTHOR:Mr. Liu Yadong  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

On February 21st, 2014, deputy general manager of overseas business department Mr. Luo Hongwei on behalf of CRFG signed a strategic cooperation memorandum in order to develop Bangladesh infrastructure construction market with Han Yang International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. and Bangladesh M.M Builders&Engineers Co., Ltd, and Bangladesh Spectra Engineers Co., Ltd in Guangzhou, China.


Bangladesh market was a new market for overseas business department of CRFG. The construction enterprises of Bangladesh can not meet the technology demand because of weak infrastructure. With Signing the memorandum, Bangladesh attracted international design companies and local large-scale construction enterprises. It was a good start to Bangladesh market development for CRFG, which was not only prevent and control risk, but also make up the deficiency of CRFG in design consulting.


Han Yang International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. ,founded in 2005, USA owned, was a professional technical consulting design company. It had the outstanding design ability and good reputation, and successful performance in the USA, Philippines,Iraq.


M.M Builder & Engineers Co. Ltd and Spectra Engineers were the top 4 large engineering contracting enterprises in Bangladesh, and had big influence and visibility in Bangladesh.






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