Guangzhou Xijiang River Water Diversion Project of CRFG Municipal Environmental Protection Company Awarded as 2014 National Municipal Gold Cup Model Project

CREATEDATE:2015年05月12日    AUTHOR:  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

Recently the list of 2014 National Municipal Gold Cup Model Projectwas published on China Municipal Engineering Network. A total of 83 projectswere conferred with this prize, among which Guangzhou Xijiang River WaterDiversion Project was constructed by CRFG Municipal Environmental ProtectionCompany.


Guangzhou Xijiang River Water Diversion Project is the water supplyproject for Guangzhou Asia Games. It is also graded as one of the Top Ten 2010Guangzhou Government Livelihood Projects. CRFG Municipal EnvironmentalProtection Company was mainly engaged in the construction of Package 5.Targeting at “building high-quality projects for a century”, and consistentlypracticing the principal of “quick occupation of land provides constructionareas”, the PIU set the high standards, strictly abided by the requirements andorganized the construction works well. With the continuous hard work throughoutthe whole year, the project was completed as scheduled and successfully enabledto provide high-quality water for the entire 9 million populations in Guangzhouas expected.


In total, this project was awarded as 2011Foshan Excellent Model Project, 2012 Guangdong Excellent Model Project and 2014National Municipal Gold Cup Model Project, which helps to lay solid foundationfor the specialization development of CRFG Municipal Environmental ProtectionCompany. 
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