Guo Wei Visited China’s Ambassador to Fiji Zhang Ping

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Fiji News by By Sun Keyi    On March 20, 2015, Mr.Guo Wei, Vice President of China Railway First Group Co., Ltd., visited Mr.Zhang Ping, the newly inaugurated China’s Ambassador to Fiji and the two held afriendly discussion and communication. 


Firstly, Guo Wei extended his gratitude for havingbeen granted this opportunity to meet. He went on with the report of theprogress and achievements CRFG has ever made since it entered Fiji in 2008. Hestressed that as one of Chinese central enterprises, CRFG had continuouslystuck to delivering excellent projects with high quality and high standard toFiji and its people. Meanwhile, CRFG had also been committed to bridging upChina and Fiji and making contributions to Fiji’s economic development. Hefurther stated that CRFG Fiji Company had actively performed its socialobligations during the past years in Fiji, and offered its helps to Fijipeoples to help them go through the natural disasters, which won high complimentsfrom Fiji Government. When President Xi Jinping visited Fiji, CRFG successfullycompleted the logistic tasks assigned by the Embassy and won encouragingrecognitions from both the Delegation and the Embassy. 


Mr. Zhang Ping welcome Guo Wei’s visit. Heconfirmed that CRFG has contributed a lot to the friendly connections betweenChina and Fiji. He stressed that though having taken over this position foronly a month, he had already heard a lot about CRFG for its outstandingengagement in Fiji’s infrastructural constructions. He highlighted that CRFG hadbeen highly appraised by Fiji government in terms of delivering excellentprojects with high quality, strong management capacity and high managementlevel, offering physical necessities to Fiji by donating rice, flour,generators, mattress and blankets to help Fiji go through the naturaldisasters, and successfully completing the logistic tasks assigned by theEmbassy during Xi Jinping’s visit to Fiji. He further encouraged that CRFG asone of Chinese central enterprises should continue to play its model andleading role in China-Fiji bilateral relationship by actively shouldering thesocial obligations and responsibilities.


Mr. Cai Shuiceng, China’sCounsellor to Fiji, and other embassy officials in Fiji, Mr. Qiao Yong,Managing Director of Oversea Business Department of China Railway First GroupCo., Ltd., Mr. Tang Dexian, Vice President of CRFG Fiji Company and Mr. SunKeyi, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee and Labor Union of CRFG Fiji Companywere all present on this official visit.


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