CRFG Fiji Company Held Completion Ceremony for Package 1 of Buca Bay Highway Upgrading and Reconstruction Project

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Fiji News by Mr. SunKeyi    On September 8, 2014 10:00am Fijilocal time, CRFG Fiji Company held the completion ceremony for Package 1 of Buca Bay Highway Upgrading and Reconstruction Project on theproject site, where Mr.Frank Bainimarama,Fiji Prime Minister, Madam Mrs. Mary Bainimarama, Mr.Huang Yong, Chinese Ambassador of Fiji, Mr. Cai Shuiceng, theCounsellor, Mr.Permeshchand,Director of Board of Fiji Highway Authority, Mr.NaipoteKatonitabua, ActingPermenanant Secretary of the Prime Minister Office, Mr. Guo Wei, CRFG VicePresident AND Mr. Qiao Yong, CRFG Vice President and Managing Director of CRFGFiji Company were all present on the ceremony.

On the ceremony, Prime Minister Mr.Frank Bainimarama made an ebullientspeech on behalf of Fiji government. He stated that Buca Bay Highway Project notonly proved one of the promised welfares for the people residing in the northachieved by the government, but also laid the foundation for the North-Focusedpolicy. He emphasized that the government hoped that the lives of the Northwould be largely improved with the continuous efforts by the government. Heshowed his great pleasure in witnessing the opening ceremony of the first 10kmof Buca Bay Highway. With the opening of the highway, he believed that thenorthern area would boom with a bright development in tourism and industries,which would undoubtedly improve the local living conditions. He thereby alsoextended his gratitude to Fiji Highway Authority, Ministry of Finance, ChineseGovernment, Export & Import Bank of China, and CRFG who had made greatcontributions to the upgrading and reconstruction of this highway.   

Mr. Huang Yongfirstly expressed his warmly congratulations to the completion and commissionof the Package 1 of Buca Bay Highway Upgrading and Reconstruction Project. Onbehalf of the entire Chinese Embassy in Fiji, he made high compliments on theentire CRFG working group involved in the execution of the project and all theother partners engaged. He confirmed that the successfulcompletion of Package 1 of Buca Bay Highway Project proved CRFG’s constant hardworking and the efforts Chinese government had ever made to bring Fiji VanuatuLevu a better future. He hoped to further enhance the Sino-Fijicooperation in public infrastructures, which would help Vanuatu Levu to moveforward largely. He also encouraged CRFG to continuously make efforts in anearly completion of Package 2 of Buca Bay Project. He affirmed that thecontributions of CRFG would be forever remembered and appreciated by the localpeople.

Mr. Permeshchand, Director of the Board of Fiji HighwayAuthority also extended his gratitude to relative official departments and CRFGwho offered great support to the Buca Bar Highway Project.

Buca Bay Highway Upgrading andReconstruction Project was the 12thproject that CRFG Fiji Companyhad undertaken since 2009 when it entered Fiji. In order to complete Package 1 asscheduled, the UOI had started a work contest since June 2, 2014 among theworking groups with its theme of “Overall complete Package 1 within 90 days”. ManagingDirector Mr. Qiao Yong stayed on site in person, directed the UOI to break downthe outstanding works and conducted the competing groups to execute the plannedworks, which assured a speedy completion of the works before thedeadline.   

There were around 1000 peoplepresent on the ceremony, including Mr. Sun Keyi, Deputy Secretary of PartyCommittee and Chairman of Labor Union, Mr. Lei Peijun, Vice President andProject Manager of Naburuwa Project, Mr. Zhang Tao, Project Manager of Buca BayHighway Project, the entire project working group, representatives from otherprojects of CRFG Fiji, Fiji governmental officers, officers from the NorthProvince, chiefs, village heads and villagers from tribes along the highway.

Fiji national medias like Fiji TV,Fiji Sun and Fiji Times all conducted a special report for the successfulcompletion of the first 10km of the project.

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