Package 830 of Express Rail Link Obtained 2 MRT Awards

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Hong Kong News by Zhou Xiaowen    On September 10that 4:00pm, MRThosted its 2014 Awards Presentation Ceremony for the projects underconstruction in Hong Kong Shatian Conference Center. Package 830 of ExpressRail Link constructed by CRFG obtained 2 awards, Gold Safety Award andOne Million Hours Worked Without a Lost Time Injury. Mr. LiuZhanhong, CRFG Standing Vice President and Secretary of CPC Committee of CRFGOversea Business Department, and Mr. Cheng Kaifeng, Deputy Manager of CRFG HongKong Company and Project Manager of Package 830 of Express Rail Link wereinvited to attend the presentation ceremony.  

On the ceremony, Mr. Zhou Dacang, MRT ChiefEngineer stressed that excellent performance achieved by the contractors didnot only bring about honors to the engaged teams and the respectivecompanies, it also created a positive image for MRT projects. He further hopedthat UOI of Package 830 could continually work hard with more achievements.  

Mr. Liu Zhanhong stated that it wasgreat honor to be able to obtain these two awards in respect of safetymanagement. He expressed that the awards were not only the acknowledgement ofthe Client for our work in the past, and they would also encourage CRFG tobring better performance in the future works. He finally promised that despiteof the past achievement, CRFG would work even harder to realize the companyvalues of “Createexcellence, and Retain Eternity.”  

Cheng Kaifeng also made a speech onbehalf of the project. He ensured that based on the accumulated experience inthe past excellent works, the UOI would intensify its communications with allthe partners and continuously carry forward CRFG’s corporate values in theproject in order to make it an excellent project with enormous brand effects.

Package 830 of Express Rail Link was commencedin July 2011. CRFG was mainly engaged in the design and construction works forthe track laying, OHL and other related works. Since the commencement duringthe past three years, the project division proved to be a well selectedcontractor with its excellent performance in terms of quality, safety andprogress management. It was especially complimented and acknowledged by MRT withits excellent construction technological capacity and comprehensivecapabilities, and was thus selected as a winner for the said awards out of the230 contractors and subcontractors. The Assessment Committee of the AwardPresentation Ceremony reached the agreement that as the contractor of Package830, the project division established a good onsite safety culture and efficientlypromoted an overall implementation of the safety policies. It strictly adheredto the safety promises originally made, effectively supervised the site for asafe construction environment, strictly implemented the project qualitymanagement and closely stayed with the local laws and regulations.      

The presentation ceremony hosted by MRTwas widely acknowledged as a big annual event in the construction field in HongKong. It was meant to confer awards to the excellent contractors which had madebig achievements and contributions in their projects in terms of quality management,safety management, environmental protection and the comprehensive capabilitiesand so on.  

 These werethe first two safety awards CRFG has ever gained in Hong Kong, and were also the first awards achieved in theinternational high-end construction market. As a milestone in the internationaldevelopment strategy for CRFG, the awards would undoubtedly exert enormoussignificance in CRFG’s future development in Hong Kong, Macau and some other internationalhigh-end construction markets.
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