Xi’an Metro Line2 Obtained the Award of World Excellent Project

CREATEDATE:2014年12月08日    AUTHOR:Gao Ruixuan  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

Exhilaratingnews came from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil that Xi’an Metro line 2 obtained theaward of World Excellence Project on the 2014 FIDIC Presentation Ceremony (InternationalFederation of Consulting Engineers). It is the first Asian project that hasever been awarded with this prize, and is also the only MRT project that has everobtained the prize in the world.

Xi’an metro line 2 includes 17 undergroundstations and 16 TBM tunnels with a total route length of 20.62km. It has beenthe world-first MRT project tunneling through the easily collapsible loess stratawhich posed the main construction difficulty for the project.

URTE was mainly responsible for the test sectionof the entire line, including the construction of the undergroundXingzhengzhongxin Station and 4 bored tunnels from North Railway Station,through Beiyuan Station and Yundonggongyuan Station and finally received atXingzhengzhongxin Station. As the firstcompany to have launched TBMs and constructed metro station in northwest China,URTE proved to be the first company with successful experience of tunnelingthrough collapsible loess strata in the world. Meanwhile in June 2008, itcreated 3 national records by having erected 14 rings of segment during onesingle shift (totaling 14m tunnel), 27 rings of segment during one single day (totaling40.5m tunnel) and 485 rings of segment during one single month (totaling 727.5mtunnel), and thus was listed to the 13th-session China EnterpriseNew Records in December 2008.
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