Technological R&D Achievements Drive Enterprise Innovation Development—— CRFG Obtained 35 National Patents& Achieved Great Breakthrough in BIM Technological Application

CREATEDATE:2015年05月12日    AUTHOR:  HITS:      【 Max Min】  
On January 19, 2015, Mr. Li Changning, Managing Director of CRFG Technological Research & Development Center, explained to the Correspondent that in 2014, CRFG obtained 35 patents, completed 48 technological achievement evaluation, appraisal and acceptance, applied for 48 Technological Achievement Prize, obtained 17 Provincial Technological Achievements and 10 CREC Scientific & Technological Achievements, promoted the application and integration of BIM in respects of R&D designs, constructions and project management, and enhanced the operation management efficiency and centralized control capacity. 

He further confirmed that in 2014, CRFG paid high attention to the application of BIM by actively holding activities to promote its applications. Training classes were held on regular basis, propaganda brochures were compiled and handed out and sample projects were selected to practice BIM technology. Consequently, CRFG made great breakthroughs and won the First Prize on 2nd Session BIM Application Game organized by China Construction Industry Association, which was the only First Prize among CREC system. Thereupon, CRFG became the member company of China Railway BIM Alliance.    

Meanwhile, he stressed that CRFG strictly abided by the Triple Service principals to implement the scientific and technological researches and development, which included to providing service to the enterprise marketing, provide service to site constructions and provide service to project meticulous management. CRFG’s scientific and technological research achievements helped drive the enterprise innovation development largely. At the beginning of 2014, CRFG published Technological Research and Development Plan, and released CRFG Technological Research & Development Management Regulation. It provided effective guidance and standard control for the entire process including setting-up, implementation, assessment and application for prizes of R&D subjects. It also helped exert the R&D platform functions of National Enterprise Technological Center and 8 professionalized institutions, foster and introduce hi-tech talents, forge a highly qualified R&D team, make excellent technological achievements and win national and provincial scientific research funds.   

Meanwhile, CRFG also carried out overall scientific researches mainly in fields of expressways, high-grade highways, TBM metro tunnels, long tunnels, long-span deep-water bridges, electric works and municipal environmental protection works, reinforced the innovation and promotion of construction technologies and methods and intensified the applications of construction method patent and scientific and technological innovation achievements, which in turn enhanced the enterprise core competitiveness. 

So far, CRFG has possessed 232 live patents, among which 55 are invention patents and 177 are utility model patents.

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