Chairman of Board Mr. Sun Meet Fiji ambassador Hong yong

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On April 11th Fiji, Mr.Sun Yonggang, the Chairman of CRFG, met Mr. Hong Yong, the Chinese ambassador to Fiji, and Mr.Cai Shuizeng, the Chinese commercial counselor. present also by Mr. Guo Wei, the Deputy general manager of CRFG, Mr. Qiao Yong, the vice-general manager of CRFG overseas department and the president of Fiji branch, and other officers from CRFG.

The brief communication was made between Mr. Sun and both government officer on infrastructure in Fiji, Mr. Sun express a great appreciation for the effort and support being made by Chinese Embassy so far. CRFG as a big state owned company will be acted accordingly for the “abroad works” as country required. We stick to our oversea strategy and acting accordingly like what we have done in Fijic, with the great helping from Chinese Embassy we start our Project from “Naqali Bridge”, due to endless quality pursuit, we gain the trust from Client and keep rising our market share. In order to feed back society, we as responsible enterprise, devoting our care and tendering for the Fiji People in all kinds of way.

Hong Yong and Cai Shuizeng highly praised the performance of CRFG. Hope CRFG can give more contribution here base on a splendid achievement The corporatization and localization strategy is an effective and practical way for company further development to join the local community and give your contribution is a sustainable development measure. We will continuo our focus and support for your development here, we look forward a great achievement being made by your company to both Chinese and Fiji Peopole.

Moreover, April 11th 8:30 Am, Mr.Sun accompanied by Mr. Guo Wei, and other officers, arrived in Fiji. Mr.Sun went to the Moto Road site without stopping in order to check damage condition due to flood a couple of days before, he visited on site personnel and expressed his sincere greeting. After that, a brief statement by local branch was made by Mr. Qiao, the general manager of Fiji Company, and Mr.Song, the vice-general manager of Fiji Company.

Mr. Sun confirmed all the counter-measures have been done so far by the local branch and satisfied for the present progress. He said” I’m so touched by what I’ve seen on site and inspired by your courage, what your did here is not only for local branch development but also give a good propaganda to local people about our company’s spirit, your team is our company’s treasure for future development on oversea project.

Mr. Sun also gave a detailed instruction on further development and rebuilt issue. Local branch officer have the confidence to lead the team forward and not falil company’s trust.

Interviewed by local Chinese Embassy

Job site visiting

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