CRFG vice GM Wei Guo Made An Official Visit to China's Ambassador to Fiji Yong Huang

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In the afternoon of Fiji local time Dec. 5th, CRFG vice GM Wei Guo made an official visit to China's ambassador to Fiji Yong Huang and Commercial Counselor Shuizeng Cai and both parties had a pleasant conversation.
Mr. Wei Guo introduced CRFG’s production situation in Fiji and showed sincere gratitude for Chinese embassies and consulates in Fiji. He mentioned CRFG’s “going global” strategy and enterprise spirit of honesty and innovation. CRFG’s market share in Fiji increased year by year, which exerted positive effects on Fiji economic construction and social development.
Ambassador Yong Huang and counselor Shuizeng Cai gave positive evaluation on CRFG’s success in Fiji market. They confirmed CRFG’s endeavor and contribution in production and its spirit during natural disaster period. They also praised CRFG’s performance on social and political activities through which manifested CRFG is an excellent corporation.
CRFG vice GM Wei Guo went to Fiji Branch for work inspection.
Fiji Branch manager Yong Qiao hosted the conference and all Fiji Branch staff attended the meeting.
Mr. Wei Guo, on behalf of CRFG, paid sincere gratitude for all the Fiji branch staff for their contribution. He felt glad that Fiji branch had a great performance in Fiji and hoped it to grasp its position and continously explore the South Pacific Region, thus making brand-new contribution to CRFG.
Qunshi Sun, CRFG’s human resources department minister, talked about CRFG’s policy on personnel training in which overseas personnel training and cultivation was a core to pay attention to. He specially talked about the reserve cadre selection test for oversea staff and hoped it can serve international talents for CRFG.
ZhengFang Company (a subsidiary of CRFG) GM Wenxuan Hao talked about real estate development at the conference.
Fiji Branch manager Yong Qiao discussed the importance of internationalization and regionalization. He mentioned Fiji Branch is led under CRFG as a whole and will use the advantage of home human resources and realize human recource localization.
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