Chairman Yonggang Sun emphasized: deepening exploration of regional market and continuous development of overseas bases

CREATEDATE:2013年02月08日    AUTHOR:  HITS:      【 Max Min】  
On Jan. 16th, CREC regular video conference of 2013 first quarter was held. CREC’s president Zhongren Bai and vice president Mengbo Zhou attended the conference and gave speeches.
CRFG president Yonggang Sun and leaders of CRFG overseas department attended the conference at headquarter Room 400. CREC international department minister Zhigong Chen hosted the conference. Mr. Zhigong Chen summarized the 2012 production and business operation situation, followed by 2012 summaries and 2013 work plans of subsidiaries. Mr. Zhengjun Xian, the chief economist of CRFG overseas department, gave a speech on CRFG’s overseas work.Mr. Libo Zhou summarized 2012 foreign economic work and put forward 2012 work plans. Mr. Zhongren Bai gave positive response to 2012 performance and pointed out four shortcomings: one is some companies did not attach great importance to the internationalization strategy; second is some companies were not confident about the “going global” strategy; the third is the scattering of resources concerning overseas companies’ management and operation; the fourth is lack of tracking of large projects. Mr. Bai also put forward four aspects for 2013 work: one is about the formation of regional operation; second is about the tracking and operation of large projects; third is the risk control of overseas capitals; fourth is about the international personnel training. He finally talked about plans for “Big Overseas Market” of CREC.
After the video conference, CRFG’s president Yonggang Sun talked about CRFG’s overseas work. He comfirmed CRFG overseas performance and positive exploration. He mentioned more attention should be paid to Guyana project and the work CRFG need to do to improve the systematic work. He finally pointed out requirements for 2013 work: One is the emphasis on marketing and the construction of overseas bases; second is the personnel training for exploring overseas market; third is the improvement of Fiji Branch and related projects.
This conference is of great importance in that it guided CREC to explore and improve overseas market and will inject vigor and vitality into CRFG’s overseas development.
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