CRFG Fiji Branch Donated Life Materials for Hurricane Disaster Area

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In the afternoon of Fiji local time Dec. 20th, CRFG brought life materials that worth 50000RMB to the hurricane disaster area—LATUK.
Fiji Western Region Minister attended the donation ceremony. The ministered praised CRFG’s spirit in helping others in disaster and showed great respect for such spirit.
The Dec.17th Hurricane EVAN is the most horribble one since 1983 with category 3-4 hurricane strength, above 202-220km/h.
CRFG’s 7 projects all suffered losses in the hurricane. Fiji Branch managed well to get through the disaster: maintaining production and helping the disaster areas. Yong Qiao, the manager of Fiji Branch carried out emergency conference at first time and put forward solutions to assist the hurricane-hidden areas.
Hurricane EVAN brought about different levels of losses to Fiji islands. The western LATUK suffered most. About 3000 families (150000 people) were hit by the disaster. Fiji government called on all strenghths to help people get through the disaster.
CRFG was a significant helper in this disaster. They purchased blankets, mattress, flour, rice and others and moved to the hidden areas at first time. (The life materials arrived in LATUK on 14:50 Dec.20th.)
Josefa, the village head of Naviyago felt so excited and showed great gratitude for China and CRFG.
Fiji Times, Fiji Sun Paper and local TV stations all came for the donation ceremony for coverage.
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