One significant step of localization strategy-------China Railway First Group (Fiji) Co., Ltd. heldrecruitment fair for local graduates in FNU

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To accelerate locally management and marketing, China Railway First Group (Fiji) Co., Ltd. held recruitment fair for local graduates in FNU, which is another important move to bring in the local human resources. The recruitment fair was ended on 17th of May.
The recruitment fair had last 6 days from 10th of May till 17th of May, which brought thousands of graduating students from 15 institutes coming for counsel, 135 of them filled and submitted their application forms and 30 students from Civil Engineering, Accounting, Machinery and Safety were chosen as candidates to employ.
China Railway First Group (Fiji) Co., Ltd. entered Fiji market at the end of 2008, with only four and half years’ time, the company has developed from a company with only few employees into a highly influential foreign company in Fiji. China Railway First Group (Fiji) Co., Ltd. has 4 projects with the value of 1.43 billion CNY in progress. With the rapid growth of the business, employing more qualified local employees becomes quite urgent. Management of the company made this as a critical work to do and decided to carry it our through different ways after discussion in few meetings. Firstly, place advertisement through local media. Secondly, based on the good relationship between government and our company get recommended good managers from the government. Thirdly, sign up a strategic cooperation agreement with Fiji National University on human resources. At last, build Fiji human resources database. These four actions made huge contributions to the human resource management, till 30th of April; the company has recruited 50 Fiji employees in the management team and 540 Fiji employees as workers, which provides big support to the operation of the works.

Deputy Party Secretary Sun Keyi Together with University Directors

Viewing the Recruitment Information

Recruitment Enquring

Filling the Application Form

Interview in Process

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