CCTV-NEWS reported CRFG NP2 Project in Mongolia at Biz China Program

CREATEDATE:2013年10月17日    AUTHOR:Wang Wenlin Oversea Dept.  HITS:      【 Max Min】  
On 16th August, CCTV –NEWS, Biz China program broadcasted the interview of China Railway Frist Group NP2 Project in Mongolia on 5th August。

By the way of record broadcast, NP2 highway project in Mongolia Panoramic shows its investment planning as well as the project in the construction, safety and quality management, cost control and other aspects of achievements. It epitomical reflected the Mongolia NP2 highway would led a great influence on the local economic and social development after completed, as well as to make a significant contribution to promote bilateral political, economic and cultural exchanges between China and Mongolia.

CCTV –NEWS holding a global prospective and focus on Asia area, it has more than 100,000,000 viewers over 110 countries and areas, meanwhile, it is not only a channel for connecting oversea and China, but also a window to introduce the Asia to all over the world. The Mongolia NP2 project report was greatly improved the visibility and reputation of China Railway First Group in Asian construction market, as well, promoting the group company corporate brand and enhance the international image over global scale.

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