7th Section of Guyana Amaila Hydropower Station Access Road Project Commenced

CREATEDATE:2013年11月15日    AUTHOR:Reporter: Liu Wei, Gao Zeliang  HITS:      【 Max Min】  

Local time 11:00 on 8th of July (Beijing time 23:00 on 8th of July), the 7th Section of Guyana Hydropower Station Access Road Project has commenced, Secretary of the Minister of Guyana Public Work Mr. Walter, and the Engineers from SRKN consultant company Doctor Narane, Robbert, Edward, attended the commencement ceremony.

The progress of Guyana Amaila Hydropower Station Project was seriously affected by the progress lag of access road construction. As invited by the Guyana Government, China Railway First Group Guyana Preparation Team signed the construction contract with Guyana Ministry of Public Works on 19th of April after rigorous calculation and many times negotiation. The Preparation Team has started the purchasing and transportation of all goods since March of this year, and the first batch of goods could be sent from China right after the signing of the contract. For the personnel, 3 teams of technical staff and labors have arrived on May and June, the 4th and 5th teams are also well prepared.

Till now, there are 23 machineries on the site including 12 dump trucks, 3 excavators, 3 loaders, 2 bulldozers, 2 rollers and 1 grader, together with sufficient construction materials; 54 staffs are on site right now including 17 management personnel, 29 labors, 8 local workers, this number will be increased to 70 by the end of July.

In the last three years, Guyana preparation team has been highly supported by the management of CRFG Overseas Department and Forth Company, their hard working in that difficult environment is truly laudable.

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