The first completed upgrade road of CRFG in Fiji Island

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PM Bainimarama made a speech on Moto road completion ceremony:
Promoting Pillar industry, a prospected road to witness of Sino-Fiji friendship

4:00 pm, on 4th October, Fiji local time, the completion ceremony of CRFG Fiji Co. Moto Road Upgrading Project was hold on the project. H.E prime minister Bainimarama, Lord Chancellor Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, PS of public affairs Dept. Parmesh, the chief of Ba town, Aci laite, the Chinese ambassador to Fiji Huang Yong, economic counselor Cai shuizeng, deputy manager of overseas Dept. CRFG, Fiji Co. manager Qiao Yong were present the ceremony. PS of Prime Minister Pio Tikoduaduababa was hosted the completion ceremony.

On behalf of Fiji government, H.E Bainimarama announced an ebullient speech, ‘the completion of MOTO road give expression that Fiji government has been fulfilled promise to develop rural area. It will bring more convenient transportation to the villages, meanwhile, the new road well solved transportation of pillar sugar industry, highlight it as a prospected friendship road between Fiji and china. Finally, he expressed a great thanks to the hardworking of CRFG constructors.

Chinese ambassador to Fiji, Huang Yong point out, the new MOTO road will benefit to local, and also indicate that validity multi-fields cooperation between Fiji and Chinese government.

Moto upgrading road project was loaned by Export-Import Bank of China, with total length 4.9KM, comprised bridge, subgrade, pavement and miscellaneous works. This project started in January 2012, completed 67days earlier than contact period, which mostly depend on the constructors’ spirit of tireless to pursuit excellence.

The representatives of Fiji government and CRFG were attended ceremony and the Fiji mainstream media Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Fiji TV all took on-the-spot interview.

Mr.Bainimarama cut the ribbon for the project

Mr.Bainimarama and Huang Yong inspect the project

The local people celebrate the completion of the road

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