Former Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Mr. Tereshchenko Visited China Railway First Group Co., Ltd.

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  On the morning of May 19, 2015, Mr.Tereshchenko, Former Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Mr. He Cheng, General Delegator of Internationalization Integration Fund Commission Xi’an Delegation, Mr. Liu Suping, Minister of Shaanxi Friendship Communication Ministry and the other 4 persons visited China Railway First Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Guo Wei, CRFG Vice President, Mr. Liu Zhanhong, CRFG Deputy Chief Engineer and Secretary of CPC Committee CRFG Oversea Business Branch were present on the meetings.

  Mr. Guo Wei firstly extended his warm welcome for the visit of the delegation. He briefly introduced CRFG, its professional advantages and the progress of CRFG’s oversea business expansions. He stated that the beautiful Kazakhstan is also one of CRFG’s targeted countries to develop the oversea business. He expressed that CRFG would very much like to partner up with His Excellency Mr.Tereshchenkoand the organizations under his management, enhance the mutual understanding and cooperation, speed up its involvement in the local infrastructural constructions and make its due contributions to the economical constructions of Kazakhstan.

  Mr. extended his gratitude for CRFG’s friendliness and courtesy. He confirmed that the “One Belt and One Road” (which is, Silk Road Economic Belt) policies proposed by President Xi Jinping shares the same view with Kazakhstan’s newly announced economic policy “Bright and Broad Envisions”, which would bring unprecedented opportunities between the two countries. He wished that CRFG could make its participations in the infrastructural constructions as soon as possible and fully demonstrate its professional advantages and strong capacities. He further hoped that the two parties shall actively promote the trading business and some other relevant businesses, consistently expand the cooperation scopes, optimize the cooperation modes, deepen the mutual cooperation and finally achieve the win-win situations.

  Mr. Liu Zhanhong subsequently confirmed that CRFG would soundly study and implement the suggestions made by the Prime Minister, further optimize the mutual cooperation modes, establish effective cooperation systems and speed up CRFG’s marketing works in Kazakhstan.

  Finally, the two parties exchanged and communicated the specific problems they have been concerned.

  Another three directors from CRFG Oversea Business Department, Mr. Tang Heng, Chief Accountant, Mr. Xian Zhengjun, Chief Economist and Mr. Wang Quan, Vice President were all present on this meeting.

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