China Railway First Group Co., Ltd., (CRFG), is a core member of China Railway Group Limited in the Fortune Global 500 companies. CRFG possesses the super-grade qualification of general contracting for railway and highway engineering, first grade qualification of general contracting for municipal engineering and house building engineering, first grade qualification of professional contracting for railway track laying engineering, highway pavement engineering, tunnel engineering and bridge engineering, specialized qualification for urban mass transit engineering. Now the group owns two divisions for water works and Overseas Business, 10 subsidiaries and 16 holding subsidiaries. CRFG with nearly 30,000 registered employees, including 15337 all types of professional and technical staffs; 761 experts with senior professional titles, 4 state government subsidies; the total assets of CRFG are 22.5 billion RMB and the turnover in the year reaches 45 billion RMB. The group owns large-scale machinery equipment 4,700 pieces (sets), including 26 shield machines; the total assets of machinery equipment are 3.5 billion, and the total power is 48 kilowatts. In the year 2011, to achieve operating income of 44.642 billion Yuan and the new contract amount of 60.78 billion Yuan.

China Railway First Group Co., Ltd., (CRFG) founded in May of 1950, one of the Large integrated railway construction enterprise which were founded after the birth of new China. Over the past 60 years, the Group has completed more than 100 railways and the laying of more than 20,000 kilometers, accounting for about one sixth of the total of the new Chinese railway track laying. The Corporation enjoys the fame as the "number one corporation in the world". Through 60 years of sustained development, CRFG has grown from a traditional state-owned railway construction enterprises,developed into a highlight advantages of Professional, leading domestic and industry leading large-scale integrated Construction Enterprise Group which covering all construction field of railways, highways, urban rail, municipal, housing construction, environmental protection, water conservancy, hydropower, and track projects, tunnel and underground engineering, bridge construction.

China Railway First Group Co., Ltd. always adheres to the principle of "Quality-oriented is the fundamental plan of hundred years”. The construction of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway as one of the five projects rewarded the prize of "Selection of 100 Classical Projects for Celebration of 60th Anniversary of the Founding of New China; The 11 projects including Wushaoling super long tunnel, Integrated engineering of Batong Line of Beijing Metro and Xi'an Sheraton Grand Hotel won Luban Prizes for Achievements in China Construction Projects, the top honor in nation construction industry. The 8 projects including track-laying on Qinghai-Tibet Railway and Line 5 of Beijing Metro won Zhan Tianyou Grand Prizes for China Civil Engineering Awards. The 52 projects including Daqin Railway and Rehabilitation of Shenyang-Dalian Expressway won Nation Quality Project awards-the highest honor for China engineering construction quality. CRFG climbed up the peak of science and technology, and had five scientific researches reached the international advanced level, there are dozens of scientific research in the domestic leading position, including Baotou-Lanzhou Railway desert roadbed construction and Qinghai-Xizang Railway which won Nation Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology. After China Railway First Group had granted GB/T19002-ISO9002 Quality System Certification in 1998, and strictly enforced the provisions of the standard requirements and quality documentation to make each process has been effectively controlled. The group had granted GB/T19001-2000 standard conversion certification in 2001 and Environment and Occupational Health Certification in 2003. CRFG has been rated as "construction technology advanced enterprise of the National", “Outstanding Enterprise in National Engineering Construction Quality Management”, “contract and keeping promises of the National", “Chinese Clients’ Satisfactory Construction Enterprise”, “Social Credit AAA Grade of Engineering Construction in China and Outstanding Enterprise for National QC Group Activity”, "Excellent creating units of the new record in China", "China's financial famous enterprises""Excellent enterprise of harmonious labor relations", "Outstanding units of building of enterprise culture of the national", "Advanced unit of Transport corporate legal system of the first national". Our group refreshed 49 new records in China since 1998, gained title of "Excellent creating units of the new record in China".

CRFG has responded actively the “going out” strategic policy, and vigorously has promoted the internationalization strategy of the enterprise in recent years. By the end of the 2011, CRFG has participated more than 30 projects in the overseas, and involved more 20 countries and regions such as Tanzania, Zambia, Pakistan, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Fiji, Greece, Guyana, Peru, Sudan, Libya so on. Overseas projects have turned from the government delegation, export of labor service, engineering subcontract, construction general contracting initially into Engineering Project Contracting. Won “Foreign Economic Advanced Collective of China Railway Engineering Corporation” in 2007, and “Outstanding contribution to enterprise of Foreign contracted engineering exports of Shaanxi in 2009”, etc.

In 2010, the company's core strategy of CRFG has adjusted "internationalization strategy", and overseas management system made significant adjustments, established a professional management of international business “overseas business department”. Are trying to adjust the management structure, to increase the industry chain downstream market development, investment and management efforts, and make every effort to support the overseas business and by extensive government-enterprise cooperation, the bank-enterprise cooperation, and actively integrate industry chain, and participate in international competition. Take full advantage of “the two markets and two resources” at home and abroad, and build vehemently the dual market structure of domestic and international simultaneous development. At present, CRFG has been set up 6 overseas companies in Sudan, Mongolia, Fiji, Pakistan, Venezuela, Guyana, and established offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Delhi, and Nairobi. Three strategic regional markets in northern South America, South Pacific and Southeast Asia, CRFG has initially formed a competitive advantage. The end of 2011, there are 11 international projects under construction, and the total project contract is 5.5 billion.

During the twelfth five-year plan period, CRFG will upholds the guidance of International Development Strategy and continues to promote the corporate spirit of "honest and innovation, strive for first-class"; strengthens standardized management and improves the institutional mechanisms; strives to build an Internationally renowned outstanding enterprises of based on general contracting engineering and construction and multiple industry structure in investment in water works and real estate.