Market distribution

In 2009, overseas division was set up according to CRFG’s optimize arrangement in her general strategy. The abroad business exploration and market expanding are now on a fast track.

Now there are 9 projects under construction within 5 countries, mainly distributing in Asia, Africa, Oceania and South America. 

The biggest abroad railway work which had been done by CRFG since her 60 years anniversary is northern plain rail-line, with total length 78.3km, including all civil works and one passenger station, one workshop.

With our so many years on railway works experience and dedication and our excellent organization staff, the work is carrying out smoothly.

In Fiji, we not only built infrastructure and also built friendship. We will make ourselves localized and accepted by local resident. Now, there are more than 7 projects have been completed and another 7 projects is by hand in freeway works, bridges, residential building and dredge works since 4 years ago we first step in, the total contract value is reaching to 250 million US$. 

Guyana Amaila waterfall hydro-power plant with capacity 165.95MW, contract value 508 million US$, EPC contract and financing agreement was signed on 11th of September 2012, after long period negotiation. It is our company’s break through on market exploring in South-America.

June 6, Beijing, a bi-lateral talk and memorandum signing ceremony was held between us and Pakistan government for Islamabad I-15 residential building development project, Pakistani President Zardari (Zardari) witnessed the whole process. 

All above mentioned projects will expedite internationalization in CRFG and push our management into a higher level.